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Digital Coloring

Learn some tricks behind this
amazing Spawn piece!

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Smudge Style

Traditional full pencil pieces to
beautifully rendered digital paintings!

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Graphic Novel

Check out Brian's latest epic graphic novel

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Featured Tutorials

  • Comic Production Secrets

    If you're serious about making your work into a mass-produced format, you need to know the secrets of this tutorial! Comic Book and Printing veteran Brian…

  • Tint Style

    This coloring technique is the most versatile and fastest I've ever developed. Built to work over art that has tones. This is an almost 90% brush…

  • Advanced Digital Coloring Vol. 1

    Ready to take your digital coloring to the next level? Photoshop Master Brian Haberlin will show you how to use 5 different styles of coloring! From…

  • Faces & Expressions Vol. 1

    Learn the fundamentals of structure (literally from the bones) to advanced knowledge (skin pliability, muscles and their effects depicting age and weight) every artist should know…


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“Brian Haberlin has been at the top of his field in computer coloring and graphics for years.

He’s got one of the best skill sets in the business, and knows how to get information across. I highly recommend these great tutorials.”

- Marc Silvestri

“I've always been impressed (and envious) by Brian's

continual thirst for growth and rebirth with his art—both of which have been simply staggering. His endeavors prove again and again that he is an innovator and never an imitator.”

- Greg Capullo

“Brian Haberlin is the Wayne Gretzky of color!”

- Todd McFarlane

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