How to Draw Faces & Expressions, Vol. 1

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Learn the fundamentals of structure (literally from the bones) to advanced knowledge (skin pliability, muscles and their effects depicting age and weight) every artist should know about the human head!

Seven (7) complete lessons make Draw Faces & Expressions (v.1) a superb foundational education for the budding artist with several lessons focused on advanced concepts for those with a grasp of the essentials, but not how every piece interlocks and affects the other. Custom, high-quality 3D models of the head/face are used to demonstrate how skeleton interacts with muscles and surface skin to give a precise map of “how and why” faces and expressions are viewed by the observer. Group mechanics and subtlety convey emotion that go well beyond mere anatomy and proportions.

Brian Haberlin walks you through each tutorial in real time and in plain English. Includes several stunning reference pullouts for you to use in your own work covering; proportions, muscles, contours, perspective, age/weight, perspective and more!

[tutorial_info running_time="1 hr 11 min"]

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