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Each digital art tutorial takes you step-by-step through the subject matter with all tools fully visible. No “secret settings” here! Instruction is in realtime, giving unprecedented access into the thought processes behind each stroke of the stylus. All practice files, including (where applicable); sample artwork, model assets, Photoshop brushes and even color palettes are packaged with each Digital Art Tutorials lesson, allowing you to follow the instructor-led tutorial at your own pace.

Whether you’ve been a digital artist for years, just starting out, or looking to find a way to bridge your traditional skills to the digital art medium, we welcome you to the world of Digital Art Tutorials: The secrets professionals don’t want you to know, but use themselves!

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  • Advanced Digital Coloring: Volume 1

    Advanced Digital Coloring: Volume 1

    Ready to take your digital coloring to the next level? Photoshop Master Brian Haberlin will show you how to use...

  • Advanced Digital Coloring: Volume 2

    Advanced Digital Coloring: Volume 2

    Get your digital coloring skills to the full professional level! Our final Advanced coloring tutorial comes with 4 full-length lessons...

  • Beauty of Black and White

    Beauty of Black and White

    Take your black and white art to the next level of professionalism and capability! Award winning Photoshop artist Brian Haberlin...

  • Comic Production Secrets

    Comic Production Secrets

    If you're serious about making your work into a mass-produced format, you need to know the secrets of this tutorial!...

  • How to Draw Faces & Expressions, Vol. 1

    How to Draw Faces & Expressions, Vo

    Learn the fundamentals of structure (literally from the bones) to advanced knowledge (skin pliability, muscles and their effects depicting age...

  • Tips & Tricks: Volume 6

    Tips & Tricks: Volume 6

    Watch step-by-step as world renowned Photoshop artist, Brian Haberlin, explains the overhauled, powered-up brush engine and new bristle brushes. Take...